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Running the same query against multiple databases with the same schema

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    The agent supports a way to query multiple databases using a wildcard token. 

    In the agent distribution, under examples folder, see  datasource_example_mysql.json and query_example_mysql.json for an example. 


    Datasource syntax:

    /* Wildcard token to connect to multiple databases with the same schema */


    In this example, we will pick up any database that contains app_XXX_somepostfix in the database name. 


    Query Example: 

    "entityName":"Group Run",
    /* Executes against multiple databases and combines the result */
    "queryStr":"select * from sometable",
    /* Optional c9QL that runs on the combined query results.*/
    "c9QLFilter":"select count(*) as Total count, \"MySQL Counts\" as MySQL",

    The results can be queried, visualized and analyzed as needed.  

    Note: This is currently supported on SQL databases and MongoDB datasources only. Contact us if you need support for another database.



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