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    Here’s a video recording of how to do it. 
    Steps at a high level:
    1. Download the agent. The agent will help you pick up the CSV files (one time or upon CSV file change) wherever those files are. 
    2. Configure the agent with the datasource_xx.json and query_xx.json for your CSV files. More here. You can either blend the CSV files here, or if you need to join by keys, do it in the UI later. 
    3. On the UI — > Datasources —> select Knowi from the list of Datasources to set up. You should see the list of datasets you pushed via the agent. You can now use this to join across all your CSV datasets with join keys etc. The end result is a dataset that you can provide to your users to do their own slice and dice. 
    4. Add the dataset into a dashboard and share the dashboard to users/groups. 
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